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Captain Morgan
This is our handsome Captain Morgan as a baby.  He earned his pirate name after he accidentally lacerated his cornea as a kitten .

He was fortunate that his eye healed leaving only a tiny cloudy spot in the center of his eye. 

He has grown into a very healthy and handsome man and has provided us with exceptionally beautiful babies!

He is now enjoying retirement with us and has turned over his realm to his nephew, Captain Crunch.   
Captain Morgan
TICA F1 Tabby
Captain Crunch
TICA Bambino Sphynx / Solid Blue
Princess Grace
CFA / TICA   Tortie Tabby
Princess Sapphira
TICA  Seal Point
​I have 2 Kuranda Cat Trees and they have proven to be one of the best investments I have made.  They are solid and super easy to clean.  Great for your outdoor catio.  If for inside, I recommend the walnut colored frame.  Video below focuses on dogs, but the cat tree options are the same, just multi-leveled.  Highly recommended!

Kuranda Dog Beds